San Clemente Tritons FAQ

        Q:  How do I get started?

     A:    Click on the contacts page and sign up for a free one week membership. Please bring your child's                              USAWP membership card or plan to stay for their first practice...
             Check the club calendar for practice times and now you are ready to learn the best sport in the world.   
             For your first practice wear a bathing suit, bring a towel and arrive 15 mins before practice begins, so that you                    can introduce yourself to your coach and let him or her know it's your first practice. 

        Q: My son or daughter has never played water polo before, can they come to the regular practice?

     A:  Your coach will put your player through an evaluation during their first practice and be able to offer adviseon skill levels and team placement after practice.

       Q:  How can I pay for sessions and tournaments?

    A:  San Clemente Tritons Water Polo utilizes Club Assistant for Automatic Billing.  Once you register for the fell
          week trial Club Assistant will send you a username and temporary password for billing.Once you register for a session, you will need to enter your credit card information on your child's profile for billing. You can also register for any event listed and you will not be billed until a few days before that event starts!

       Q:  Can my son or daughter start mid session?

    A:  Yes, fees will be prorated based upon time left in session.Please email dawne at
           and add "mid session start" in notes when you register for the session.

       Q: Does the club offer a multi child family discount?

    A:  Yes, We offer sibling discounts for session fees (not for tournaments or leagues). Please email dawne at dpr....             with your children's names, ages, and session registration. You can also add "sibling discount" with above info in             notes when you register for the session.

       Q: Where are practices held?

    A:   Practices are held at both San Clemente High School and Vista Hermosa Sports Park based upon age and will
          be listed on the club practice calendar.

       Q: Do I need to be a member of USA Water Polo?

    A:   Yes, USA Water Polo ensures that your child will be participating in properly sanctioned events,
           provide secondary insurance, enforce grievances, parent and player conduct and provide background screening
           on all coaches. Our club number for USAWP registration is #21154- SC Tritons. You must register with USAWP               AND register with SC Tritons both- it's a two-step process!

        Q: My son or Daughter is 9 but has never played water polo can they play SplashBall?

     A:   No, SplashBall is designed to introduce children ages 6 - 8 to the sport of water polo while practicing in the
            shallow end of the pool.  Because of abilities/size of 5-7 year old we limit SplashBall to these ages.  You son or
            daughter should play with their USA Water Polo age group and their coach will cater their practice to meet
            their skills.

       Q:  Is there a uniform?

    A:   Yes, Please check the merchandise tab of the club website.

       Q:  If my child is not going to be at practice or game do I need to notify the coach?

    A:   Yes!  Our coaches prepare for each practice and game based upon the assumption that the kids are                     there to work as hard as they do. 
        Q:  Does Splashball practice year round?
     A:  No,  Due to the size of Splashballers they get to cold to practice during the winter.  Splashball season is Sept through April and April through August.